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Solving Crime From My Armchair



I love a good “who-done-it”
For my reading time.
Mystery on a light scale —
Not obnoxious crime.

A cozy mystery fits my
Laid-back frame of mind.
I have to think a little —
When I feel inclined.

I’m quite a good detective
Sitting in my chair.
So villains in the fiction world
Now had best beware.

In fact, I’m now so good
The mysteries to unwind
I’ve put my application in
Down at precinct nine.





2 thoughts on “Solving Crime From My Armchair

    1. Actually, they wouldn’t hire me either because I don’t do the ‘blood and guts’ crimes. But really, a good mystery writer should be able to keep the reader guessing until close to the very end. The first mystery I ever wrote was a real challenge in that way, and I have to say the thing that pleased me most when people read it was that they said they hadn’t figured out whether the real killer was guilty or not until just the last few pages. It made me feel very successful, but then it also put a lot of pressure on me when it came time to write the sequel. 🙂

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