Hi. Welcome to my poetry site.

To begin, I should explain that Ahyoka is a Cherokee name meaning “Bringer of happiness; She brings happiness; She brought happiness.” I’ve focused on my Cherokee heritage in choosing the title for this website because I want this site to bring rest, refreshing, peace, and a touch of happiness to each person who visits here.

What I share here will run the gamut from serious to funny, thought-provoking to slightly ridiculous — all in the form of poetry and pictures.  I may not be able to resist tossing in a tiny bit of prose now and then, but for the most part, I’m reserving this site for the poet in me.

Some of the photos and graphics are mine, and some are from my favorite photographers and graphic artists. All of the poetry is mine. I’m also the author of fiction and non-fiction inspirational books, and I have other sites on WordPress that focus on my writing and on various aspects of Christian ministry. If you’d like to connect with me concerning that part of my work, you can do so at ‘sandrapavloffconner.com.’

I hope you do indeed find rest and refreshing here. I hope this site brings you a little happiness every time you visit — and that you return often.

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  1. My friend had to re-start her life after a divorce. Since her children were grown and gone she decided to adopt a puppy.
    She named the new puppy: Ahyoka because of the meaning! Love It!


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