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The Old Red Door


I passed an old church, yesterday, of rough-hewn stones.
Of granite gray, each brick had been laid in with care,
But through the years they’d become slightly lichen-grown.

All the windows high and low had been enclosed
With wooden shutters, tightly fitted and secure.
In silence and gray mystery the church reposed.

But on the north, a wooden door of deepest red
Did beckon me to contemplate what lay within.
And without conscious thought right to it I was led.

I pondered on the stories this old red door could tell.
And though the steps that led to it were now long gone,
I worked to get inside so as to explore things well.

It’s roughened texture spoke of years of weathering,
But all my efforts to make entry were in vain.
Alas … I’ll have to leave its past to imagining.


photo: Terry Valley at Visions Seen Photography




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Going All The Way

AUTUMN ROAD - enlarged

I’m always going forward on this road of life.
Although, admittedly, it takes a turn or two.
And sometimes there are roadblocks or some dips and bumps.
Regardless, I’m determined that I’m going through.

For hindrances and hurdles can impede progress,
And detours and re-routing cause delay.
But turning back is never an alternative.
I’m pressing forward, going all the way.



photo © Terry Valley: Visions Seen Photography



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Blue Planet

I love to write cinquain. And sometimes I just can’t help myself, but have to write a longer poem, making each stanza a cinquain. That’s what happened here with the graphic artwork by my friend Terry.


Blue moon;
No, wait: It’s not.
What is that planet strange,
Hov’ring low, casting soft blue glow
O’er me?

My field
Has not borne fruit
For this whole season through.
Perhaps this planet will affect
It’s yield.

In truth,
I feel a bond
With this blue orb so near.
Its energy infuses field and tree —
And me.


graphics © Terry Valley




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Midnight Swan — Cinquain

I first discovered cinquain a few years ago, and I experimented with it for a poetry challenge online. I enjoyed the form so much that I found myself going back to it and writing cinquain about many different subjects. It’s a form of poetry that has no rhyme, but has a strict number of lines and a specified number of syllables per line. It is considered the only truly American poetic form in literature, having been created by a young New York poet, Adalaide Crapsey.  You’ll find cinquain on this site quite frequently in the future, and I’ve even published a book devoted only to cinquain poetry.  But I’ll tell you more about that another time. Right now, I’m composing ciquain to match this amazing photographic artwork by my great friend and professional photographer Terry Valley.


Over night pond.
Lonely swan at midnight
Confused by gliding ‘cross the moon:
Night flight.