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COVERED WAGON - John-Silver -- PX

They carved a life out of a wild frontier.
And later generations called them pioneers.
They had a vision and a courage rare.
I know for sure that feats like theirs I wouldn’t dare.

While moving west, then even farther west,
Faced plains and desserts, deadly mountains — brutal tests.
In covered wagons bearing all they owned,
Though losing some along the way, they still pressed on.

Their enemies converged from every side:
The burning sun, the frigid nights, no place to hide;
With Indian tribes who feared the loss of lands
In grievious battles to the death they made a stand.

The loss, when counted up, was grave indeed.
But those who paid the price lived by a special creed.
The prize outweighed the cost; that was the key.
They tamed the wild and built a nation sea to sea.

Daily Post Prompt: Carve

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