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Love’s Glimmer


Moonlight glimmers on the ebbing ocean tide.
Morning sunlight glimmers through majestic pines.
Firelight glimmers on the hearth of polished stone.
Constellations glimmer from an ink black sky.
But all these wondrous objects, though with beauty laced,
Cannot project the light I’m longing most to find.
My humble heart awaits most unashamedly
Love’s glimmer in your eyes that says you’re truly mine.


Daily Post prompt: Glimmer

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Do Not Be Faint of Heart

IVY HEART -- Biancamentil -- PX

Do not be faint of heart, my dear.
There’s really nought you need to fear.
For venturing into love is sweet;
Could be your destiny you’ll meet.
Do take the chance — it comes so rare —
And don’t be over-fraught with care.
For even if that love’s untrue,
It still can bless and prosper you.
We’re better souls for having loved;
It’s of His nature from above.
For loving gives and gives again,
And it’s by giving that we gain.
So don’t be faint of heart to move
Into the bless-ed world of love.


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Daily Post Prompt: Faint



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Narrow Escape

Elmer Jenkins went to buy a di’mond ring
For Pearly Jane, the girl who filled his loving heart.
But then he learned that Pearly’d been seen sev’ral times
Parked with Curly Miller, sparking after dark.

The news, it stabbed at Elmer’s heart like sharp-edged knife,
And all his will to live just seemed to ebb away.
But then he said, “Why should I sit and mourn and cry,
When I could just put Curly Miller right away?”

He thought about the heavy problem day and night –
‘Bout how he best could bring about Curly’s demise.
He didn’t hunt, so had no gun, and truth be told,
He couldn’t bring himself to use a bloody knife.

“But wait,” he finally said, “why should I kill the man?
For, after all he’s been a benefit to me.
A one-man woman isn’t in ol’ Pearly’s heart.
Let Curly have her. There’s a better life for me.”

And sad, but true, ol’ Curly didn’t see the light,
But married Pearly Jane before the end of year.
Now friends can find him every night in Henry’s bar,
Trying to drown his sorrows in the foamy beer.

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