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Miss Cordelia Underwood Loved Hats

WOMAN IN HAT ART - JEAN METZINGER - PUB DOM; public domain; original artist Jean Metzinger

Miss Cordelia Underwood loved hats.
She loved them big and wide, with floppy brim.
She loved them with firm crowns and beaver trim.
She loved straw hats piled high with plastic fruit,
And to the townsfolk, those were just a hoot.

Miss Cordelia Underwood loved hats.
She wore them proudly, something like a crown.
Her favorites had flower gardens hanging round.
The taller, all the better — and as for wide —
In church no one could sit right by her side.

But Miss Cordelia Underwood loved hats.
Each brand new style and fashion caught her eye.
And nothing was too strange for her to try.
So when she saw one with propeller top,
She hurried off to Sue, the milliner’s shop.

Poor Miss Cordelia Underwood loved hats.
And it’s not clear just how her tale will end.
Right now there’s tears and sorrow for her friends:
She donned propeller hat one windy day,
And in a heavy gust, was blown away.

Yes, Miss Cordelia Underwood loved hats,
And though her quick departure made some cry,
She’s now been sighted floating through the sky.
From miles and miles away, reports have come
That her trajectory’s bringing her back home.