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Psalm 23 Poetically Paraphrased


I am resting in green pastures,
Quiet waters at my side.
There are enemies surrounding
But I rest here satisfied.
For my Shepherd never leaves me,
Always watchful and prepared;
With His rod and staff at ready,
All my foes need to beware.
And my Lord’s prepared a table
Laden with my heart’s desires,
And my cup is running over;
There is nothing else required.
Every path on which He leads me
Is encompassed with His grace,
And if ever I am fearful,
I just look upon His face.
With His goodness and His mercy,
Daily He restores my soul,
And the oil of His anointing
Heals and makes me fully whole.
I will boast in my Good Shepherd.
In His love I am secure.
His provision is eternal:
Peace and rest forevermore.

Reference: Holy Bible, Psalm 23

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