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NaPoWriMo Day 2 – Love Drives A Blue Chevy

Well, what can I say? I just wasn’t in the mood for anything serious this evening. In fact, I think “silly” would define my mood best. So, I threw caution to the wind and just wrote out this little ditty to lighten up the day. I couldn’t seem to get away from that old cliché “Love is just around the corner,” so I decided I might as well put it to use for my NaPoWriMo offering.


Love, they say, is just around the corner,
But I’ve found that is simply not the case.
I’ve walked around about a million corners,
But none has led me to love face-to-face.

I’ve run into some mighty friendly people,
And into quite a few who were rejects.
Then there were some mentally unstable,
But such variety one must expect.

But as for love, I’ve simply never found it,
Turning corners, going ’round and ’round.
However, when I crossed the street last eve’ning,
I heard some horns and then a screeching sound.

I stopped and cringed and closed my eyes completely,
Expecting to be hit both hard and fast,
But when I realized I was still standing,
I looked up and was instantly amazed.

Love sat behind the wheel of a blue Chevy.
He’d stopped it just one inch from me away.
But not to worry; I’m not pressing charges,
Because tomorrow is our wedding day.

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Lorraine In Love


There once was a girl named Loraine
Who was wild for engineers of trains.
They could be short or tall;
Loraine just loved them all;
To have one for her own was her aim.

Now, the guys who drove trains all agreed
That Loraine was no prize; no indeed;
So precautions they’d take,
Each to make his escape
When Loraine for a date came to plead.

Then a young engineer came to town
Who was clueless when she came around.
He became so beguiled
When right at him she smiled,
That right then on one knee he went down.

Oh the wedding was really a beut.
On a honeymoon now they’re enroute.
As they sit side by side
Engineer and his bride.
Down the tracks, at full throttle, they scoot.

There’s a moral to this little tale:
That a woman in love never fails.
If she’s made up her mind
And she’s true to her kind,
It’s the end for those poor, helpless males.




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The Search For Love

LOVERS, BALLOON -- Jambulboy -- PX

I searched for love when I was but a teen,
The titillating, quiv’ring love of youth.
I sought the shining knight from all my dreams,
Not understanding dreams are seldom truth.

In later years, the search grew more intense,
But by that time I yearned for something more.
By adding to my passion common sense,
I sought the richer things love had in store.

Now, many years have come and gone since then,
And I’ve grown so much wiser with my age.
I’ve loved and lost and loved and lost again,
But losing love did not my search assuage.

In future, ever toward love I shall move,
For life’s worth can be found in naught but love.





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Candy Love


I just can’t seem to tell him how I feel.
Hearing myself say the words
Makes it seem so real.
And if he doesn’t feel the same for me,
It would be an unhappy fate
That spoken words would seal.

So what to do about it I’m unsure.
I’ve thought of possibilities
But nothing quite secure.
But wait! I’ve found the answer to my need:
I’ll say it with some candy hearts —
So childlike, sweet, and pure.





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The Secret of the Ribbon Tree



I’ve wondered round this earth for years,
And known my share of joys and tears.
I’ve laughed with love and cried for loss,
And broken dreams like rubbish tossed.

I’ve seen sights soaked in splendid sun
And bathed by moon when day was done.
But ’til today I’d not seen such
A sight that stirred my heart this much:

A giant, handsome, stately tree
Bedecked with ribbons midst the leaves.
Such gorgeous bows of silk, blood-red,
Tied as if on maiden’s head.

I stood and pondered what it meant:
This work of art to nature lent.
Who ties these bows, and why, I asked.
Who set himself this tedious task?

Some lover dreaming of soul-mate,
Who joyous love anticipates?
But there was none who, passing by,
Could tell me who, or how, or why.

And though I stood ’till set of sun
I found no answer; no, not one.
So on I trudged my weary way,
To reach my post by end of day.

But as I went, I sang a song:
Though much in this old world is wrong,
Still someone with a heart of love,
Took time and, with care, beauty wove –

Amidst the branches of old tree –
A gift of ribbons for all to see:
To lift the heart and light’n the load
Of each soul passing ‘long this road.




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Love Ditty

OLD COUPLE ON BENCH - ErikaWittlief -- PXLove is a giggle.

Love is a sigh.

Love makes you wiggle.

Love makes you high.

Lovin’ makes me hungry.

Lovin’ makes me glad.

When love is unfaithful.

Love makes me mad.

Love’s not for wimps.

Love’s for the bold.

Love’s good when young.

Love’s better when old.



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Rivulet of Love

FAUCET -- Vienhoang -- PX

My love for you like a mighty river flowed.
It swept through me in currents deep and wide.
It carried all my hopes and dreams for future years
Of loving you and living at your side.
But soon I learned that what you felt was not the same.
Alas, I’d been too much in love to know
That your affection was a stingy rivulet;
A kitchen faucet would have better flow.
So now I guess I’ll do my best to stem the tide
Of all my love and eagerness for you.
I’ll build a dam to help control my river’s flow,
But rivulets of sorrow will seep through.

Daily Post Prompt: Rivulet

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Valentine for Newlywed Hubbies

BROKEN EGG -- Stevepb -- PX

How much burned toast and runny eggs?
And half-done roasts and tough pancakes?
How much antacid did they take,
Or suffer silent tummy aches?
Those brave young guys with loving hearts,
Whose wives were learning cooking arts.
They never once refused to eat
And always claimed it was a treat.
They gladly paid the price required;
Their patience never did expire.
So on this day of valentines,
They each deserve the sweetest lines:
Thanks to the hubbies who ate food
Digested by nothing but love.





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The Highest Degree

A high school diploma is helpful.
And a college degree opens doors.
Some jobs call for extreme education —
Masters, PhD’s, extras galore.

And it’s true that I’d not want a doctor
Who hadn’t learned medicine well.
Nor a lawyer who couldn’t defend me
Because at the bar he had failed.

But I sometimes think we’ve overrated
What we learn in the books and the class.
Education does not make us better.
It simply imparts all the facts.

What’s important is whether we’re caring.
The degree we can be proudest of
Verifies that our heart’s educated —
That our PhD is in Love.

Daily Post Prompt: Degree


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Do Not Be Faint of Heart

IVY HEART -- Biancamentil -- PX

Do not be faint of heart, my dear.
There’s really nought you need to fear.
For venturing into love is sweet;
Could be your destiny you’ll meet.
Do take the chance — it comes so rare —
And don’t be over-fraught with care.
For even if that love’s untrue,
It still can bless and prosper you.
We’re better souls for having loved;
It’s of His nature from above.
For loving gives and gives again,
And it’s by giving that we gain.
So don’t be faint of heart to move
Into the bless-ed world of love.


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Daily Post Prompt: Faint



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Remembered hours of favorite days,
Remembered escapades in play,
Remembered words I heard you say —
Mem’ries that help make me who I am.

Remembered projects side-by-side,
Remembered impossible tasks we tried,
Remembered emptiness since you died —
Mem’ries that help make me who I am.

Remembered sweetness, lack of guile,
Remembered generous extra miles,
Remembered voice, still makes me smile —
Mem’ries that help make me who I am.