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The Renovation



I’m having my house renovated.
And, truly, I’m grateful and glad.
At the same time, I’m most agitated,
‘Cause all of the mess is so bad.

I have men everywhere, wearing toolbelts.
From basement to attic they track.
They are kind and make efforts at neatness,
But, in truth, they leave trails front to back.

And the schedule is just so haphazard.
They begin and then stop and then start,
Go from one room and then to another,
Doing things not in whole, but in part.

Now, of course to their minds, this is logic.
And I freely admit I don’t know.
But I do know my life is quite messed up
And will stay so until they all go.

But I’m trying to maintain my focus
On the wonderful outcome for me.
For when all of this upheaval’s over,
What a delightful home this will be.