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The Secret of the Ribbon Tree



I’ve wondered round this earth for years,
And known my share of joys and tears.
I’ve laughed with love and cried for loss,
And broken dreams like rubbish tossed.

I’ve seen sights soaked in splendid sun
And bathed by moon when day was done.
But ’til today I’d not seen such
A sight that stirred my heart this much:

A giant, handsome, stately tree
Bedecked with ribbons midst the leaves.
Such gorgeous bows of silk, blood-red,
Tied as if on maiden’s head.

I stood and pondered what it meant:
This work of art to nature lent.
Who ties these bows, and why, I asked.
Who set himself this tedious task?

Some lover dreaming of soul-mate,
Who joyous love anticipates?
But there was none who, passing by,
Could tell me who, or how, or why.

And though I stood ’till set of sun
I found no answer; no, not one.
So on I trudged my weary way,
To reach my post by end of day.

But as I went, I sang a song:
Though much in this old world is wrong,
Still someone with a heart of love,
Took time and, with care, beauty wove –

Amidst the branches of old tree –
A gift of ribbons for all to see:
To lift the heart and light’n the load
Of each soul passing ‘long this road.




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Liquid Color

When I saw this week’s DP photo challenge, with the subject of ‘liquid,’ I immediately thought about a little poem I wrote some time back concerning the color green and how it strikes me as being rather liquid. Now a lot of readers may consider that idea weird, but no matter. It’s a concept that seems at home in my psyche. So I decided to share that poem here and, since I don’t have an actual photo that matches the poem, I created a fun green graphic to go with it. Hope that’s okay.


Green is a liquid color.
It flows over my soul in a gentle way.
It runs through my feelings like a child at play.
It bubbles up in me like a new spring day.
The most liquid of colors is green.