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April’s Misbehaving

April’s the epitome of spring.
It’s fitted neatly between March and May.
It’s warmth and breezes sweet caress the soul,
And throughout April we see lengthened days.

April’s known for showers so soft and warm,
That bring the flowers from bud to blossoming.
And for the grasses surging up in earnest,
So that we hear the law mowers buzz and sing.

But this year, April’s played a dirty trick
And turned her back on pleasant-scented days.
She’s hit us with snowstorms and frigid air.
And quite forgot her nicer, springly ways.

Flowers are freezing; frogs are shivering;
Bees and butterflies still hibernate;
I think it’s time we have a talk with April –
Convince her that our Spring is past due date.