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To Fly Away


At times I wish that I could be a bird on happy wings
And fly away into the bluest sky I’ve ever seen.
And soar into the heights of atmospheric ether rare,
With every mile disrobing me of sorrow, pain, and care.

To fly into the cleansing light of sunshine’s purest rays;
To soar so high the wind itself would carry me away.
To come at last into the place where struggling must cease,
And look into the face of the Creator of all peace.

A bird on happy wings that never had to land again,
Who constantly could rest upon the current of the wind.
To hear the songs of heaven soaring out on ether’s stream:
Today it is my highest wish – my sad heart’s dearest dream.

Perhaps in quiet prayer I’ll find the solace that I seek.
And if I’ll give my Lord the chance, then to my heart He’ll speak
And whisper words that breathe His love and never-ending care –
That take me, though earth-bound, right into Heaven’s atmosphere.


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