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Sweaty Cinquain


Summer’s coming.
I can’t escape hot air.
Auto air-conditioner is



Daily Post Prompt: Broken

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Is That Really Me???

I’ve been looking at some old photos recently, and I find myself astonished — and a tad depressed — by how much has changed — as evidenced by my mirror this morning, as well as some more recent photos. But I decided that the trade off for having lived this long is probably worth it. So I also decided to have some fun with today’s DP prompt: astonish.

My skin is not as tight, my hair not quite so brown;
I’m not as photogenic as before.
I’ve added a few pounds, with bulges here and there,
And now can count my age in terms of scores.
But when I  contemplate all that I’ve learned of life,
The wisdom gained that leads to peace and rest,
The  understanding of myself and others too,
I have to say that I am richly blessed.
And even though I wince a little now and then
When looking at old photos that I’ve saved,
I’d say it’s worth some wrinkles and some extra pounds
To have lived and loved as largely as I have.







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Rivulet of Love

FAUCET -- Vienhoang -- PX

My love for you like a mighty river flowed.
It swept through me in currents deep and wide.
It carried all my hopes and dreams for future years
Of loving you and living at your side.
But soon I learned that what you felt was not the same.
Alas, I’d been too much in love to know
That your affection was a stingy rivulet;
A kitchen faucet would have better flow.
So now I guess I’ll do my best to stem the tide
Of all my love and eagerness for you.
I’ll build a dam to help control my river’s flow,
But rivulets of sorrow will seep through.

Daily Post Prompt: Rivulet

Photo courtesy of Vienhuang @



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To Throw – Or Not To Throw – A Tantrum


Throwing tantrums doesn’t help at all.
I kick and scream and yell and cuss and squall.
But somehow all the energy infused
Just leaves me feeling even more abused.
For even though I give it all my best,
And, surely I’d win any tantrum test,
Still, tantrums never get me anywhere.
I guess it’s because no one seems to care.
The purpose of good tantrums is the show;
Without an audience, success is low.
To throw a tantrum’s useless in my view,
For no one pays attention when I do.

Daily Post Prompt: Tantrum




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Love’s Glimmer


Moonlight glimmers on the ebbing ocean tide.
Morning sunlight glimmers through majestic pines.
Firelight glimmers on the hearth of polished stone.
Constellations glimmer from an ink black sky.
But all these wondrous objects, though with beauty laced,
Cannot project the light I’m longing most to find.
My humble heart awaits most unashamedly
Love’s glimmer in your eyes that says you’re truly mine.


Daily Post prompt: Glimmer

Photo courtesy of MamaVida @



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Patience Is a Two-Way Street

DOG AND CAT -- Jaclou -- PX

I’ll be patient with you if you’ll be patient with me.
The most unkind of attitudes is lack of empathy.
I try to look at other’s sides, who don’t agree with mine
But others seldom seem to be so mercifully inclined.
They judge me by their own conceits and insist I am wrong;
They don’t appreciate my patience that for them is long.
And others who want freedom to live life in their own way
Want me to forfeit all my rights to live as my heart says.
But life’s not having your own, on your own terms, for free.
Patience is a two-way street, and you owe some to me.

Daily Post Prompt: Patience

Photo courtesy Jaclou @



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The Highest Degree

A high school diploma is helpful.
And a college degree opens doors.
Some jobs call for extreme education —
Masters, PhD’s, extras galore.

And it’s true that I’d not want a doctor
Who hadn’t learned medicine well.
Nor a lawyer who couldn’t defend me
Because at the bar he had failed.

But I sometimes think we’ve overrated
What we learn in the books and the class.
Education does not make us better.
It simply imparts all the facts.

What’s important is whether we’re caring.
The degree we can be proudest of
Verifies that our heart’s educated —
That our PhD is in Love.

Daily Post Prompt: Degree


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Sparkle – Daily Post Prompt

Jewels sparkle, chemically whitened teeth sparkle, and champagne sparkles. But the most beautiful sparkle of all is that created by nature when beauty touches beauty in just the right time and place. The following photos captured some of those events. Two are courtesy of Terry Valley (Visons Seen Photography), and the rest are mine. I was amazed that the camera actually captured the sparkles in the snow.

Visions Seen Photograpny


Visions Seen Photography





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Star Dance – for Daily Post Prompt


I looked
Into the night,
And to my great delight,
I saw a thousand stars begin
To dance.

I heard
No music played,
But could feel the rhythm
Of their pirouetting ‘cross the
Night sky.

No doubt did sing
And tap their feet in time:
The universe in harmony —
What joy!

I originally posted this poem a few weeks ago, but it so perfectly fits today’s prompt from the Daily Post (Dancing) that I decided to re-post it with a link to that prompt.


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No Thanks – No Crunchy Coffee – Daily Post Prompt: Prefer


I much prefer to have my coffee roasted.
And then I think I’d like to have it brewed.
The thought of coffee being rather crunchy
Just doesn’t put me in a coffee mood.

Now, I know chewing coffee beans has caught on,
And in some places they are chocolate-crowned.
But — really — it must be a bit laborious
To chew them up enough to get them down.

No. I prefer to hold a cup of coffee
That’s warm and aromatic and crunch free.
To savor all the flavor and the comfort.
That’s how coffee ought to be — and that’s for me.

Daily Post Prompt: Prefer



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What’s Good About Orange? – Daily Post Prompt



Orange is the only color I don’t like.
I’m not exactly sure why that should be.
I love the color red, and that is pretty close.
And often something pink will pleasure me.

But orange — well it somehow seems to agitate.
It makes me restless and so out-of-sorts.
And I feel bad, because it isn’t orange’s fault,
So I do orange occasionally just to be a sport.

But there are some orange things of which I am a fan:
The round, ripe, juicy fruit that we pluck from a tree,
The brightly orange-wrapped Reese’s peanut butter cups,
And candy corn eaten by the handfuls pleasure me.


Just for the sake of full disclosure, I’ll add that I do love oranges (the fruit) as well.


Daily Post Prompt: Orange