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Christmas: The Long Version

CHRISTMAS TREES - PAINTED -- Prawny -- PXI celebrate twelve days of Christmas.
Beginning on our Christmas day.
Keeping with cent’ries of tradition,
I give out a gift on each day.

The focus for twelve days of Christmas
Is keeping Christ’s birth fresh and new:
Continuing the happy rejoicing —
Not packing things up — as some do.

For Christmas is not just December,
And not just for two or three days —
Begun and then done oh so quickly,
Leaving many then feeling malaise.

Come, join me for twelve days of Christmas:
Sing carols and give gifts of love.
For twelve lovely days making merry,
Reveling with angels above.

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Country Christmas Roads


Country lanes at Christmas —
For the traveler, such a chore.
Snow encrusted, rutted lanes
That make manuv’ring poor.

It’s hard to see the shoulders
And the middle line is blurred.
For traffic in the other lane
No ample room’s assured.

And drawing towards the end of day,
When light is running low,
Traversing snowy country roads
Mandates my going slow.

But I’ll continue trav’ling down
Those snowy country lanes,
To friends and fam’ly, waiting me.
It’s worth whatever strain.

Besides, those Christmas country roads
Through woods and fields snow-clad
Resound with quiet so unique
It makes my heart quite glad.

They seem to wear a special peace
That blankets their domain.
And settles over me when I’m
On snowy, country lanes.

photo courtesy of Reijo Telaranta @


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Christmas Light



Oh Christmas tree, oh geometric Christmas tree,
Updated decoration of this century,
Combining old tradition with technology —
Eye-catching combination set for all to see.

I wonder if the architect has realized
That though his modern concept is a structural prize,
The Light that gives it meaning appeared to Moses’ eyes.
From burning bush to modern tree, it’s Jesus Christ.


photo courtesy of Ana_J @ pixabay




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Christmas = Jesus


I’m sooooo enjoying Christmas this year — celebrating the birth of Jesus — and the reason He was born.  His birth was the most extravagant gift ever given because He was not born for Himself — to just live His own life on this earth in any way He pleased. He came for a specific purpose: to live a perfect life for me — which I could not live for myself,  to die on my behalf (for my sin and rebellion), to be resurrected on my behalf, and to ascend back to His throne in Heaven, from where He gives me victory for my life here and the guarantee of continued life with Him for eternity.

And since I celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas, I will continue to enjoy it all the way through to Epiphany, which is January 6. Epiphany means a revelation or showing forth of something that has not been seen or understood previously. And I celebrate the revelation to my heart of the truth that Jesus has done everything He’s done for me. His life, death, and resurrection have made me right with God, and I now reign with Him.

I hope you know Jesus personally. So that you can enjoy that revelation as well — and His extravagant gift. And if you don’t, this season is a perfect time to get to know Him. He loves every one of us — no matter who we are, what we are, or what we’ve done. And His love is big enough to overcome every sad, painful, evil thing in us and in our lives. So if you don’t know Him yet, just call out to Him today. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you fully and to come in and take over your life. It will be the beginning of the best year of your life — and what’s more — that new life will continue throughout eternity.


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Christmas Eve Meditation

SINGLE CANDLE -- PublicDomainPictures -- PX

It is the eve of Christmas,
And still there’s much to do.
One gift I’ve yet to make —
And Christmas goodies too.

But as I sit here, quiet,
Sipping coffee at its best,
I find I’m not frustrated,
But in a state of rest.

For Christmas waits upon me;
It’s peace surrounds me here
And springs within my happy soul.
I’m resting in good cheer.

I concentrate on Jesus
The Center of it all;
Each stress and care and worry
At His lovely feet must fall.

And soon, now, I’ll get busy —
Wrap up gifts and finish treats.
And when at last I go to bed,
I’ll have it all complete.

But when, on Christmas morn, I wake
And rise to festive play,
My joy will be much richer
From my time with Him today.


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Winsome Christmas Lights

BLUE TREE DISPLAY W. DEER - Nancyouellette - PX
The sky’s filled with clouds, and the temperature’s low,
And the wind from the north has a bite.
It’s uncomfortable out, but I’ve errands to do,
So I’ve made sure to bundle up tight.

As I drive down the street, I’m enchanted to see
Yards and houses all festive and gay.
Dangling icicle lights, helium-filled silhouettes,
Nativities, mangers and hay.

The streets in the town and the storefronts abound
With the twinkling and tinkling delights.
Ugly weather I discount, for my joy is a fount,
Enthralled by winsome Christmas lights.


photo courtesy of Nancyouellette @




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Christmas is Coming!


Christmas is coming;
It’s coming; it’s coming.
Christmas is coming;
I barely can wait!

Love window shopping,
Enjoy decorations,
But very first purchase:
New Christmasy lights.

Love Christmas catalogs —
Wishbooks for grown-ups;
Love  all the candies and
Cookies and cakes.

Love to buy presents
For dear friends and family;
Love to plan parties and
Bake yummy treats.

Love to sing carols
And sip on hot chocolate;
Love to get Christmas cards
From far away.

And above all else that
I’m looking forward to,
Sharing the story:
The Savior has come!

Christmas is coming;
It’s coming; it’s coming.
Christmas is coming;
I barely can wait!