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Sweaty Cinquain


Summer’s coming.
I can’t escape hot air.
Auto air-conditioner is



Daily Post Prompt: Broken

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Liquid Color

When I saw this week’s DP photo challenge, with the subject of ‘liquid,’ I immediately thought about a little poem I wrote some time back concerning the color green and how it strikes me as being rather liquid. Now a lot of readers may consider that idea weird, but no matter. It’s a concept that seems at home in my psyche. So I decided to share that poem here and, since I don’t have an actual photo that matches the poem, I created a fun green graphic to go with it. Hope that’s okay.


Green is a liquid color.
It flows over my soul in a gentle way.
It runs through my feelings like a child at play.
It bubbles up in me like a new spring day.
The most liquid of colors is green.




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Is That Really Me???

I’ve been looking at some old photos recently, and I find myself astonished — and a tad depressed — by how much has changed — as evidenced by my mirror this morning, as well as some more recent photos. But I decided that the trade off for having lived this long is probably worth it. So I also decided to have some fun with today’s DP prompt: astonish.

My skin is not as tight, my hair not quite so brown;
I’m not as photogenic as before.
I’ve added a few pounds, with bulges here and there,
And now can count my age in terms of scores.
But when I  contemplate all that I’ve learned of life,
The wisdom gained that leads to peace and rest,
The  understanding of myself and others too,
I have to say that I am richly blessed.
And even though I wince a little now and then
When looking at old photos that I’ve saved,
I’d say it’s worth some wrinkles and some extra pounds
To have lived and loved as largely as I have.







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Rivulet of Love

FAUCET -- Vienhoang -- PX

My love for you like a mighty river flowed.
It swept through me in currents deep and wide.
It carried all my hopes and dreams for future years
Of loving you and living at your side.
But soon I learned that what you felt was not the same.
Alas, I’d been too much in love to know
That your affection was a stingy rivulet;
A kitchen faucet would have better flow.
So now I guess I’ll do my best to stem the tide
Of all my love and eagerness for you.
I’ll build a dam to help control my river’s flow,
But rivulets of sorrow will seep through.

Daily Post Prompt: Rivulet

Photo courtesy of Vienhuang @



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To Throw – Or Not To Throw – A Tantrum


Throwing tantrums doesn’t help at all.
I kick and scream and yell and cuss and squall.
But somehow all the energy infused
Just leaves me feeling even more abused.
For even though I give it all my best,
And, surely I’d win any tantrum test,
Still, tantrums never get me anywhere.
I guess it’s because no one seems to care.
The purpose of good tantrums is the show;
Without an audience, success is low.
To throw a tantrum’s useless in my view,
For no one pays attention when I do.

Daily Post Prompt: Tantrum




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Love’s Glimmer


Moonlight glimmers on the ebbing ocean tide.
Morning sunlight glimmers through majestic pines.
Firelight glimmers on the hearth of polished stone.
Constellations glimmer from an ink black sky.
But all these wondrous objects, though with beauty laced,
Cannot project the light I’m longing most to find.
My humble heart awaits most unashamedly
Love’s glimmer in your eyes that says you’re truly mine.


Daily Post prompt: Glimmer

Photo courtesy of MamaVida @



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Patience Is a Two-Way Street

DOG AND CAT -- Jaclou -- PX

I’ll be patient with you if you’ll be patient with me.
The most unkind of attitudes is lack of empathy.
I try to look at other’s sides, who don’t agree with mine
But others seldom seem to be so mercifully inclined.
They judge me by their own conceits and insist I am wrong;
They don’t appreciate my patience that for them is long.
And others who want freedom to live life in their own way
Want me to forfeit all my rights to live as my heart says.
But life’s not having your own, on your own terms, for free.
Patience is a two-way street, and you owe some to me.

Daily Post Prompt: Patience

Photo courtesy Jaclou @



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Unloading the Weight


I need to make my life more simple.
I’m trying to figure a way.
I can’t abdicate money-making.
And I must eat and sleep every day.
Then there’s cleaning house and doing laundry.
And I can’t give up church, I must say.

Well, I could give up reading and learning.
No, that price is just too big to pay.
What about time I spend with my sweetheart?
Give up that? No, no, no; there’s no way.
I can’t think of a thing I can unload,
And this trying is turning me gray.

Hey! I’ve got it: I’ll unload my worry!
Problem solved. How much lighter life weighs!


Daily Post Prompt: Simplify



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Two Dental Poems for the Price of One

Couldn’t resist a little fun with dentistry today — in response to the Daily Post Prompt: Cavity.  So here’s a little cinquain question, and a little iambic pentameter advice.



I went today.
Is he my friend or foe?
He fixed my tooth but STRAINED my nerves.
Not sure.




Be sure to use your toothbrush every day.
Or if you use it twice a day, that’s better yet.
Because if you will clean your teeth a lot,
Then when you see the dentist, you won’t have to fret.

Of course, it’s wise to floss as well as brush,
And then, after the flossing, we should always rinse
With something that will kill bacteria.
I guess with all the gunk we eat, it does make sense.

Anyway, I’m giving this advice —
The same advice my mommy always gave to me.
So hopefully, you won’t lose any teeth,
But keep a brilliant smile for everyone to see.





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As Teddy Roosevelt Said . . .

MAN TELLING OFFStifle your anger,
And keep it at bay.
You know if you let it go,
Somehow you’ll pay.

When people are stupid
And act quite insane,
Responding in anger
Just isn’t the thing.

It’s better to settle
Your ire, and then speak.
Remember, restraint
Is the tool of the meek.

So quiet your voice;
Each word carefully pick.
Teddy said it: “Speak softly,
And carry a big stick.”

Quote thanks to U. S. President Theodore Roosevelt, 1900.
Daily Post Prompt: Stifle




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The Ballad of Sister Mary Margaret

(Town of Petticoat Ridge, Nevada, circa 1868)



Sister Mary Margaret will never live it down:
I guess you’d say the story’s set in stone.
Our town is now quite famous, and the tourists flock around.
And it’s for sure the credit’s hers alone.

But Sister Mary Margaret will never live it down.
She did wait for somebody else to act.
But since no man among us would move to save the town,
The sister did her duty well; that’s fact.

But Sister Mary Margaret will never live it down:
You see, a bull came charging down Main Street –
Stompin’, snortin’, chargin hard at people all around –
And all the folks made haste in their retreat.

Poor Sister Mary Margaret will never live it down:
She had just finished services at church.
She stepped out to the street; her smile became a frown.
Her gold-rimmed glasses on her nose she perched.

Ahh, Sister Mary Margaret will never live it down:
The bull so wild was goin’ to take a life.
Up came her skirt; her petticoat — she ripped it right around:
A petticoat as RED as cherries ripe!

Poor Sister Mary Margaret will never live it down:
The gasps of horror echoed through the air.
For no one – not one single person ever could condone
A nun who wore bodacious underwear.

Sad Sister Mary Margaret will never live it down.
But at her petticoat that bull did charge.
And Sister Mary Margaret taunted him right out of town,
And off the cliff that bull she did discharge.

But Sister Mary Margaret will never live it down.
Poor Sister Mary Margaret will never, never, never live it down.


Daily Post Prompt: Shock