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Disgusted With Snow – Cinquain

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It is snowing!!
It is snowing again!!!
This is our third snow in one week!!!!
Lord, Help!!!!!



8 thoughts on “Disgusted With Snow – Cinquain

  1. Here in central Texas, we go some winters without any snow at all. It’s snowed 3 times already this winter and more is forecast tomorrow. We’ve been stuck on our hill for 3 days. I got out today since it thawed some but another cold front is hitting and it will refreeze overnight plus another layer of snow. Oh, and part of our mess was an ice storm last Thursday which is finally melting today. Water has been a problem since yesterday – have to boil it and it’s down to a trickle. But at least our electricity hasn’t shut down like it has for several million in Texas. I echo you’re sentiment – I, too, am tired of snow. 🙂


  2. Yes, snow can get old but I am used to it. 8-9 months of winter in Interior Alaska, causes one to embrace it. Cross country skiing, snow shoeing, ice fishing, ice skating and so many winter activities. There are many inside activities and a bit of slowing down and enjoying the fire in the wood stove. Love to watch the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky.

    God is up to something and speaking through all the snow. I believe it is a symbol of purifying the land. Not so much fun to drive in it, when the snowplows are not running and no sand is going onto the icy roads. Be encouraged, Spring is on its way!


    1. Yes, I definitely hope the Lord never calls me to serve Him in Alaska! I like to look at snow, but do not want to have to be out in it at all. I have some friends who were involved in ministry in Alaska for 10 years, and then the Lord suddenly called them into missionary work in Mexico. Talk about culture shock!!!

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    1. Yes, indeed. We’re wading knee-deep in the “proof” all over the U.S. right now. 🙂
      And isn’t it scary that even when they are trying to dig themselves out of this mess, these liberals still can’t see the truth.
      Not only that, but this whole winter storm thing — which is the worst and most wide-spread we’ve had in generations — has come right after Biden smacked down the pipeline. That should be stirring some people up bigtime. Of course with the southern midwest — including a big part of Texas — going without power for days — I’m hoping some kind of pressure will build up from the other side.


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