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Color Me Happy Series — Turquoise


Turquoise is not a color pure.
It is a combination –
An adulteration.
Yet it does such lovely things
To my imagination.

Turquoise – I find it all around:
It spreads throughout the sky,
In water flowing by.
It’s woven throughout lovely stones
That catch my eye.

And so, a paradox I find:
That such a hybrid shade –
From other colors made –
Has beauty so distilled it makes
My heart quite glad.


Image courtesy of KreativeHexenkueche





2 thoughts on “Color Me Happy Series — Turquoise

    1. Thanks, Dennis. Actually I like it quite well myself. I’d say that the rhythm is ‘unique,’ but in reality it’s just a little rocky. Nevertheless, the piece makes me happy. 🙂


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