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Garbage Day Meditation


The garbage truck has come and gone,
My empty cans roll to and fro.
I need to go out to the street
And haul them back where they should go.
It won’t be long until I’ve placed
A few more bags of trash within.
And next week, once again, I’ll roll
Them to the curb for the truck again.
I’m not alone in this pursuit;
My neighbors, they are all like me.
And every week in every town,
We feed the garbage truck faithfully.
It seems there’s just no way to live
Without creating tons of trash.
And what becomes of all that stuff
Is something I don’t want to ask.
I find, though, that I worry some
That years and years of garbage days
Might heap the trash so deep and high
That Earth just might get thrown away.


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2 thoughts on “Garbage Day Meditation

  1. Yes, it’s a bit of a worry. Those 3 men at the back of the truck will be out of a job when they fully automate – that’s what’s happened here quite a while back – just the truck driver left here now.


    1. A lot of towns are going to that automated program around here too. And, to be honest, I really don’t worry about the garbage. The truth is I felt I’d been lagging so much with my posting that I just HAD to write a poem of some kind, and when I looked out my living room window at my garbage cans sitting by the road, I got “inspired.” 🙂


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