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2 Trust Acrostics



There is but One whose love and help are sure.
Renewed each day as surely as the sun.
Under His wings of grace I find the cure:
Sin and hate, sorrow, sickness – done.
‘Tis Jesus Christ, the sole trustworthy One.



Tiny babe: He took that form in Bethlehem.
Relinquished Heaven’s privileges; became a man.
Upon Himself, He took my sin and all its curse.
Secure in Love’s omnipotence, He took the cross.
Then surely I can trust myself into His hands.



photo courtesy of Sunpath @





One thought on “2 Trust Acrostics

  1. LOVE the painting of Jesus you used. While still in high school, our Methodist Church had a wallet sized hand out with this picture. I carried it in my wallet for 30+ years… until it was in tatters. I was always my favorite painting of Him.

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