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Ode To My Grandmother’s Engagement Ring

I actually wrote this piece a few years ago, but after having conversations with three couples who are planning marriage currently, I thought it might be a nice idea to bring this oldie but goodie to the forefront again.


Delicate band of gold,
Crested with a tiny crown of diamond,
Snuggled safely ‘neath sweet-scented linens,
In the top drawer of my Grandma’s chest.

Though your jewel is tiny,
It sparkles with a fire that doesn’t fade.
Decades have come and gone since you were given,
And decades more since you were laid to rest.

That day so long ago,
When Grandpa slipped you onto Grandma’s hand,
Betrothing each to each in awesome love,
Their journey thus begun, they gave their best.

And from their earnest love,
Two generations more have now been giv’n
Those seeds of love, watered with their examples,
And generations more will soon be blessed.

Delicate band of gold,
Crested with your tiny crown of diamond,
I’ll hold you dear and treasure you my whole life —
The symbol of a love that passed the test.





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