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Psalm 23 Poetically Paraphrased


I am resting in green pastures,
Quiet waters at my side.
There are enemies surrounding
But I rest here satisfied.
For my Shepherd never leaves me,
Always watchful and prepared;
With His rod and staff at ready,
All my foes need to beware.
And my Lord’s prepared a table
Laden with my heart’s desires,
And my cup is running over;
There is nothing else required.
Every path on which He leads me
Is encompassed with His grace,
And if ever I am fearful,
I just look upon His face.
With His goodness and His mercy,
Daily He restores my soul,
And the oil of His anointing
Heals and makes me fully whole.
I will boast in my Good Shepherd.
In His love I am secure.
His provision is eternal:
Peace and rest forevermore.

Reference: Holy Bible, Psalm 23

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14 thoughts on “Psalm 23 Poetically Paraphrased

  1. Very good! When I was writing a poem of each psalm, I came to the 23rd with great trepidation since it is so beloved and the KJV is so beautiful. You’ve done very well! I don’t know if I ever told you or not but I also wrote all of Proverbs in rhythm and rhyme as well and I may publish those later this year.


    1. No, I don’t think I knew about the Proverbs. But I remember your telling me you were doing the Psalms. Let me know if you do put them out there. I’ve been waiting on ordering your abortion book until I got another check in because I want to order two other things at the same time, so it’s enough to get free shipping. So I’ll get those on the way this week.

      As for the Psalm, I actually wrote it today out of my personal experience the past few days of needing the Lord’s rest and anointing. I actually didn’t give any thought to what anyone else might think. I just needed to express it, and it sort of wrote itself. That’s generally when I do my best work. When I try too hard personally, I don’t think I’m as successful.

      And actually, this whole site is the result of such a deep need in me after losing my best friend. I just couldn’t seem to create or write anything at all for months except poetry. It was odd. And that’s when I decided to create this site just for myself — to pour out everything that I could because writing the poetry seemed to help in the healing. I went ahead and posted some old poems as well, just because I like them so well myself, but I’ve been amazed at what I’ve written new since I started this site, and just this month I’ve finally been able to get back to some other kinds of writing.


      1. Hey, I just remembered that you said you had the book available in Kindle version as well. I’m going to go on there and order the digital version right now. That way, I’ll have it today. I’ll add something else to my list for free shipping. πŸ™‚

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      2. If you read it and you believe I’ve made a sound and convincing argument against voting for Murdercrats, pass that on to the naysayers you sometimes talk with.


      3. I definitely will. It’s just amazing how many people around here who consider themselves Christians keep putting the people in office who are solidly for abortion and gay rights.


      4. Yes, the Bible says they are participants in those murders and I’ve given the biblical basis for that in my book. Many have not thought this through because they’re worldly. Something matters more to them than 2500 murders a day and they’re completely wrong because of that.


      5. I agree. I keep saying that when people deliberately put someone into office they know is going to vote for abortion, then they are guilty of the murders as well. But most of these people are so hardened by now that they don’t even really hear me. Well, except for the few that get so angry they practically steam.


      6. Tell them to get my book, find where I’m wrong, and tell me how I’m wrong on my website that’s mentioned in the book ( I’ve been discussing these things daily for more than a year and not one person has come close to overturning the facts I’ve presented in the book.


  2. The thing that really aggravates me is that these people are absolutely CONVINCED that the baby is not a “baby.” About four years ago, I posted an article showing the specific details of development of a baby day by day in the womb. It’s astounding how complete the baby is in mere days. Yet I don’t think I got one response to that article. I posted it again the next year, and still almost no response at all. I sometimes wonder if people have grown so used to hearing about the subject that they just ignore it. I hope your book really stirs things up. By the way, when I went to and started typing in the title, I didn’t even have to type in the whole title. It came up automatically — and not because my computer remembered it, because I had never typed it before. The Amazon site popped it up immediately without any other titles even showing up in the drop-down box. That’s means there isn’t another book even close in title out there, and that’s a very good thing.


    1. I use the word “baby” because that’s the common way of speaking of the occupant of a woman’s womb. Abortion murder people like to use fetus and other words to dehumanize it. Zygote, embryo, and fetus are correct scientific words for that baby and when pressed by an abortion murder person, I will switch and use “human being” since each of those and baby and many more are simply phases in the life of a human being.

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