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Is That Really Me???

I’ve been looking at some old photos recently, and I find myself astonished — and a tad depressed — by how much has changed — as evidenced by my mirror this morning, as well as some more recent photos. But I decided that the trade off for having lived this long is probably worth it. So I also decided to have some fun with today’s DP prompt: astonish.

My skin is not as tight, my hair not quite so brown;
I’m not as photogenic as before.
I’ve added a few pounds, with bulges here and there,
And now can count my age in terms of scores.
But when I  contemplate all that I’ve learned of life,
The wisdom gained that leads to peace and rest,
The  understanding of myself and others too,
I have to say that I am richly blessed.
And even though I wince a little now and then
When looking at old photos that I’ve saved,
I’d say it’s worth some wrinkles and some extra pounds
To have lived and loved as largely as I have.








6 thoughts on “Is That Really Me???

  1. I’ve heard it said that age is a state of mind, not body. If this is true, my body does not always cooperate. That said, I still wholeheartedly agree with your take on the process of life… it has been a most wonderful trip for me also!

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  2. The essence of who we are is our soul and spirit. Our spirit is always vibrant because Holy Spirit resides there. I am sure you are much more confident and walk regally, even with a few more years under your belt!

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