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Contemplations on Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’



Behold the blessed, holy convocation,
Preserved for us to ponder as we gaze.
In transient elements, the artist painted
Eternal substance; impartations that amaze.

We look upon the faces art has captured
As loved disciples try to understand
The Master’s words; He speaks of sacrifices
And of His blood and body freely given for man.

Their eyes – so full of love, yet consternation,
Trying to grasp full meaning of this meal.
All other Passovers remembered history,
But now the sacrifice sits here with them, so real.

In colors both subdued and yet alive,
The artist welcomes us to come join in
Our Lord’s last supper and His revelation:
He’ll now go forth to pay the price for all my sin.







4 thoughts on “Contemplations on Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’

    1. Thanks, Bard. And I know exactly what you mean about FB. I keep typing comments on WP and then hitting ‘Enter’ to try to get them to post.

      By the way, did you get my note in response to your comment to Dennis O.’s site about using Create Space? I left a note on your site too, but it was on a poem. You may have all the info you need by now, but I’ll be glad to pass on what my experiences with Amazon publishing have been if it will help. I personally don’t like Create Space, but I love the other publishing program that Amazon offers. It’s free as well. Both the programs have advantages and disadvantages, and I chose the one that seemed to work best for me. I have several of my books on Amazon currently, both digital and paperback, and I’m super happy with them. But, as I say, it’s not the Create Space program that I use. If you’d like more specific information, just e-mail me. It’s still sandraconner3 @gmail.


      1. No, I didn’t see either of those. I’ll email you about that in a few days. I’m too far into the process with my first book to change, but I’ll be publishing another one by October.


      2. You may be completely happy with what you’re getting on this book, and if so, I’d say use the same program for all of them. But I’ll be glad to pass along any info I have anyway.


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