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Two Dental Poems for the Price of One

Couldn’t resist a little fun with dentistry today — in response to the Daily Post Prompt: Cavity.  So here’s a little cinquain question, and a little iambic pentameter advice.



I went today.
Is he my friend or foe?
He fixed my tooth but STRAINED my nerves.
Not sure.




Be sure to use your toothbrush every day.
Or if you use it twice a day, that’s better yet.
Because if you will clean your teeth a lot,
Then when you see the dentist, you won’t have to fret.

Of course, it’s wise to floss as well as brush,
And then, after the flossing, we should always rinse
With something that will kill bacteria.
I guess with all the gunk we eat, it does make sense.

Anyway, I’m giving this advice —
The same advice my mommy always gave to me.
So hopefully, you won’t lose any teeth,
But keep a brilliant smile for everyone to see.






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