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Brilliant Mind to the Rescue

SPACECHIP - BLUE -- SoundTrackUniverse---- PX

“Johnny,” said his teacher, “where’s your homework?”
“Well,” the child replied, “I will explain.”
His brilliant mind then kicking into highest gear,
He told this story bound to entertain.

“I saved my book report until the last day
Because I wanted it to be so fresh;
I wanted to review again my story,
And type it so it wouldn’t be a mess.

“But when I went to print it out on paper,
The printer said that it was out of ink.
So Dad said he would go to Wal-Mart for some,
And that he would be back in just two blinks.

“I waited and I waited with my printer,
And as the hours ticked by, I fell asleep,
But did not wake until the sun disturbed me,
So quickly from my chair then I did leap.

“I went in search of Dad, but found him nowhere.
My mom said he had called to say goodbye.
He’d seen a spaceship land not far from Wal-Mart,
And with those spacemen he’d agreed to fly.

“He said it was a chance for rare adventure,
And he was sure that you would understand,
And promised that when he returns, he’ll give me
A story to report on that is grand!

“I know you tell us life’s a great adventure;
Of opportunities to be aware,
So I was sure you’d want to wait ’til next week,
For me to bring my book report and share.”


Daily Post Prompt: Brilliant

artwork courtesy of SoundTrackUniverse @






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