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Solitary Satisfaction


“Hello, little flower,” said the frog. “My, you look so forlorn. Where are all the other flowers?”

“None of the others have come up from the ground yet,” said the flower. “But I’m not forlorn at all.”

“You’re not? But you’re just standing there all alone. And it’s raining on you.”

“Ah, but that’s a blessing really. I’ve just come up to my full height, and I need the moisture to grow strong and beautiful. And, besides, it doesn’t matter if I’m the only flower in the garden right now. In fact, it makes me pretty important.”

“How do you figure that?” asked her visitor.

“Well, you see, when a person comes along who needs a happy thought or a little cheering up, I’m here to do that. Just seeing me helps a lot of people throughout the day. And if I’m the only flower here, then I’m the one who gets to make them happy. It’s a very satisfying thing to do.”

“You know, I actually do feel better after seeing you and talking with you,” said the frog. “I’m glad you’re the only flower in the garden right now. If there were a lot of you, I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to stop and talk. So thank you for being happy to be what you are.”


Daily Post Prompt: Forlorn




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