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Christmas Eve Meditation

SINGLE CANDLE -- PublicDomainPictures -- PX

It is the eve of Christmas,
And still there’s much to do.
One gift I’ve yet to make —
And Christmas goodies too.

But as I sit here, quiet,
Sipping coffee at its best,
I find I’m not frustrated,
But in a state of rest.

For Christmas waits upon me;
It’s peace surrounds me here
And springs within my happy soul.
I’m resting in good cheer.

I concentrate on Jesus
The Center of it all;
Each stress and care and worry
At His lovely feet must fall.

And soon, now, I’ll get busy —
Wrap up gifts and finish treats.
And when at last I go to bed,
I’ll have it all complete.

But when, on Christmas morn, I wake
And rise to festive play,
My joy will be much richer
From my time with Him today.


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