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Winsome Christmas Lights

BLUE TREE DISPLAY W. DEER - Nancyouellette - PX
The sky’s filled with clouds, and the temperature’s low,
And the wind from the north has a bite.
It’s uncomfortable out, but I’ve errands to do,
So I’ve made sure to bundle up tight.

As I drive down the street, I’m enchanted to see
Yards and houses all festive and gay.
Dangling icicle lights, helium-filled silhouettes,
Nativities, mangers and hay.

The streets in the town and the storefronts abound
With the twinkling and tinkling delights.
Ugly weather I discount, for my joy is a fount,
Enthralled by winsome Christmas lights.


photo courtesy of Nancyouellette @





2 thoughts on “Winsome Christmas Lights

  1. Nice! The temperature is low here in the Texas Hill Country and we’ve even had snow today, which is a rarity any winter but especially so in December since our coldest time is January and early February.


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