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The Journey – Mark 4:35-40


“Let us cross over to the other side.”
These words did Jesus speak before He slept.
But as He slept in back of boat, it filled with raging sea,
And His disciples cried aloud and wept.

“Master, do you not perceive our state?
How we are doomed to die if You don’t act?
How can You sleep when our demise is at the very door?
Of wise concern You seem to have a lack.”

“Oh, timid ones, how is it that you fear?”
He said after He’d stilled the raging sea.
“I’ve taught you by example how to take authority.
Why did you feel the need to waken Me?”

“I spoke the words that told you to cross over.
And that was all you needed to succeed.
My words have power if you’ll believe and act accordingly.
Faith in My Word is all you really need.”





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