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Above the Bar – Daily Post Prompt

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I know I’m too particular;
I’m told that quite a lot.
But I like things to be just right, you see.

And though I am particular,
And people think it’s bad,
I don’t require that others be like me.

All others are quite free to take
Things just the way they come,
And not insist that they come up to par.

But I’ll retain strict principles
About what I accept.
I like to live my life above the bar.

Daily Post Prompt: Particular




4 thoughts on “Above the Bar – Daily Post Prompt

    1. Oh, that doesn’t sound good. I’ll have to check on it. I’m sure it was correct when I created it because I checked and re-checked. Technology — what a blessings/curse/blessing/curse ??????


    2. Okey-dokey —- I think I found the one place where the ‘h’ was missing. It was right in several parts of my site, but wrong where it connected to the profile. Thanks so much for letting me know.

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