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The Renovation



I’m having my house renovated.
And, truly, I’m grateful and glad.
At the same time, I’m most agitated,
‘Cause all of the mess is so bad.

I have men everywhere, wearing toolbelts.
From basement to attic they track.
They are kind and make efforts at neatness,
But, in truth, they leave trails front to back.

And the schedule is just so haphazard.
They begin and then stop and then start,
Go from one room and then to another,
Doing things not in whole, but in part.

Now, of course to their minds, this is logic.
And I freely admit I don’t know.
But I do know my life is quite messed up
And will stay so until they all go.

But I’m trying to maintain my focus
On the wonderful outcome for me.
For when all of this upheaval’s over,
What a delightful home this will be.





3 thoughts on “The Renovation

  1. I’ve been through that and there’s nothing that’s a whole lot worse. We decided to add on 50% of the size of the house by adding all along the back. It involved tearing down outside walls in the den and master bedroom. So we had to move all of what we had in those rooms into about 1/3 of the house we presently have. Things were stacked up leaving trails and dust covered much. The contractor would send a crew one day and maybe no one would show the next. He had too many houses to do (didn’t hire more people) and was trying to keep everybody happy by doing a bit of work here, then leaving, then coming back. And I could go on with other problems with them as well, but…. 🙂 Hope yours goes much better.


    1. In general, these guys have been pretty diligent. And the main contractor — who also did most of the work — except for the electrical — was very kind and considerate. The last of the job is the electrical, which we are into as of today. The crew for that had been really sick for 3 days — high fever and throwing up. So I didn’t mind that they weren’t in my house during that time. Now that they’ve managed to start, I think they’ll finish fairly quickly, but it just seems that they do something in one room and then hop to another and then do something else. Maybe it was just getting started today that made it like that. We’ll see. But I’m not going to complain as long as it’s obvious the work’s getting done. I definitely don’t want to have to do it. It is pretty hard on my nerves though. I think I may be too finicky. They just seem to be everywhere with their not very clean tool belts, plastic covers, and various tools — which they seem to think belong on my bed while they work in the bedroom, or on the clean kitchen table when they are in there, etc. And I have a problem with seeing them handle the toilet and it’s various parts and then go right to handling the kitchen water lines, etc. But I realize they don’t see it from the same perspective, so I’m trying to keep focused on my own work and not watch them too closely. I’ll live through it, and if I stay out of their way, they’ll live through it too. I have prayed fervently about it all going well, and it’s really the Lord I’m trusting.


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