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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow


Just couldn’t resist sharing this gorgeous work by my great friend, photographer Terry Valley. The theme for this week (glow) couldn’t be more perfect for this picture.

I’m collaborating with Terry for this challenge: His photography; My poetry.

Deep within the piney woods that run for miles
There is a placid pond known as Serenity.
I go there when I’m feeling worn or fraught with fears,
Or when the stresses of my life are crushing me.

And if I press through heavy branches for a mile,
Upon Serenity’s lush banks I come to rest
Her waters are the deepest, purest, freshest green,
And all her lily pads of pink are blessed.

For though the woods that far within are dense and dark,
There is a brilliant glow that filters through
And shines upon pink lily pads to thrill my heart,
Reminding me that God’s sweet grace is true.

It is as if He’s telling me I can be sure,
That even when I’m in my darkest place,
There is no problem dark, or dense, or deep enough
To keep me from the Light of His dear face.




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