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City Rain

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Sunday evening,
Under cloudy skies.
Rain in the city.
Easy traffic offers background music as tires whisper across wet pavement.
City rain is different from rain in the fields or the mountains.
City rain seeks out crevices in the sidewalks and concrete walls of buildings, drawing from them a unique scent of dampness, not at all unpleasant.
City rain brings with it a silvery light that permeates the atmosphere.
City rain polishes the pavement until it glistens, and then takes on a quiet luster as the streetlight stars pop on in response to the gathering dusk.
Storefront windows glow with inviting displays, their light enhanced by the sparkle reflected in the raindrops.
Sunday pedestrians take it in stride. Some pull out brightly colored umbrellas; some duck in and out of doorways to avoid getting too wet; others stroll along, heads uncovered, soaking up the ambiance.
The city itself breathes a contented sigh — stretches — relaxes — leans back to rest and listen to the rain.
I love Sunday rain in the city.





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