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Chrunching, Crinkling Autumn, Swirling in the Breeze (Prompt Nights Challenge # 30)



I love the rains of Autumn. They are so completely different from Spring and Summer rains. In Autumn, the rain is gentle — moving in slowly and settling down for a day or two at a time. The gray that cloaks September rain is never dreary or oppressive, but has a silver luster that glimmers and reflects the vibrant colors that creation’s Artist has lavishly brushed across the landscape.

Autumn’s rain brings with it the cool caress of clean air, relieved of summer’s sweltering heat. And on the breeze that drifts along with the steady drizzle, float the crisp, sweet scents of ripened fruit and the savory, redolence of October bonfires.

But all the sense-inspiring delights proffered by the rains of Fall are not the only factors of happiness for me in this, my favorite season. For in and with the beauty they possess, they carry also the promise of the holidays which, just around the corner, bring their own experiences of beauty, joy, and love.

Ahhh, yes, the Autumn rains are one of my favorite gifts from the Creator. And all I have to offer in return are these humble words of thanks for the blessings they have been to me.

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